Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MS? Who cares!

MS? Pssssh. MS is just letters for me today. They could mean anything. My Song. Many Saved. My Sweet. Pick one! Granted, I lost tuesday again. I went to bed after heroes Monday night at 9pm and I just woke up. My time, it is now 1:20am wed morning... BAI BAI Tuesday! In my defence I did not sleep at all sunday night and tried to stay up for Heroes (very important!!)

So today I'm thinking about the future. It's not bleak. I've been working on my art recently. It's making me feel so much better about my self. I have skills. I have skills other people don't have. Sure I also have MS but who cares? Not me today. ^_^ I've been planning Christmas presents for the family. I have a list of art projects set that have to be done for Christmas. Busy busy!

I also have a goal. The Las Vegas Star Trek convention. My mum and I are going to start saving to go. I'm going for the gold admission package so it's going to be expensive. But if I'm going to do something once in a life-time, I'm going to go all out for it. Better to save an extra year then to be disappointed I couldn't make all the fun stuff becuase I wasn't patient!

Having a goal that is so huge is uplifting. I feel it is totally attainable. And day dreaming about the out come is nice lol. But knowing I can attain something this grand helps me realize I can attain all the normal stuff I want to. Screw MS!!!! I'm going to go to college, get my job and drive a damn car.

So today I say UP YOURS MS!

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