Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I lost Tuesday.

Here I am complaining about fatigue, and I go and sleep for 26 hours. Oh ya I'm not kidding. I just woke up from it. Boy did I ever have to pee. Believe it or not, I never once got up in those 26 hours to pee. Is that even possible?

Why did I do this? I have the most retarded sleeping pattern, if you can even call it a pattern. I have always been a night owl, since I was a kid. My mum can verify this. As a baby I would stay up late, sleep through the night, and not wake up until about 9am. Oh ya, my Mom had it good with me. =P Then my Daddy allowed me to stay up late to catch Star Trek (TNG) on certain weeknights. I would sneak out and sit by his chair to watch it, glancing at Mom to see the "I am certainly not amused but I'll tolerate this" look. Then late public school, early in high school ( that would be about grade 7 - 10 here) I started staying up until at least 2am. Sometimes I would not go to bed at all and go through the next day in a fog. My sleeping just did a nose dive from there.

It doesn't help that my Dad was also a night owl. We would often stay up together until 2 or 3am watching Star Trek, reading, talking, etc. It's almost as if we enabled each other to stay up. My Mum also isn't one for going to bed early, and when I was a kid she worked many night shifts.

So now I go back and forth from staying up all night, sleeping in the day, to not sleeping at all. The weird thing for me is, I feel I have so much more energy at night! I almost feel normal. But I can't live like that around my boyfriend. He works days and sleeps nights. I would never see him if I lived this way. So I stay up all night, push to stay awake during the day, and crash in the evening. That's how this 26 hour sleep started. I did wake up a number of times wanting to get up, but my body was just not doing what I was telling it to. I call BS on mind over matter.

I wish my Mom was here. She's living across the country from me now. She helped me regulate myself a little bit. I always looked forward to getting up and having a chat with her over tea and coffee at the table.

Ah well, we'll figure this out. One step at a time. I'm looking forward to a ood dose of BOOKS! Woot. This weekend hopefully. I'm re-reading Homer's, the Oddysey at the moment. I think I'll go dive into that now. See ya later guys. ^_^

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